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Discussion in 'General Hardware' started by forcer, Mar 4, 2003.

  1. forcer

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    when i got my new computer i found that it has a peice of hardware thats installed and works but is not being used so for the time being i disabled it.

    its called:

    SiS 900 PCI Fast Ethernet Adaptor

    - Network Adaptors
    |-SiS 900 PCI Fast Ethernet Adaptor
    |-Motorola Surfboard 4100 USB Cable Modem

    i aint really sure what a fast ethernet adaptor is but i'm guessing its something to do with networking, i did find a peice of info saying scrap USB and use ETHERNET and loads of people agreed its the right way to go so if thats the case i wonna be using this hardware.

    can any1 offer any information on it, anddo you think i should connect to the net using ethernet instead of USB.

  2. Shamus MacNoob

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    If you have a high speed connection then you will use your

    |-SiS 900 PCI Fast Ethernet Adaptor

    |-Motorola Surfboard 4100 USB Cable Modem

    you dont have to use the USB cable modem but you will need a high speed modem and an Ethernet adaptor .. if your not using high speed connection then you can disable that in the hardware manager. If I were you I would not use the usb modem if ever you get high speed get the one that plugs directly into the pci ethernet card .. imho its better than the usb setups.
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    In my experience, cable modems require a driver if running under USB, yet don't whilst connected under a NIC.

    You may want to check this if your ISP configures your connection using an installation CD type thingy that changes all your network settings.

    This can lead to good ol' Windows getting confused as to which connection to use if both exist (i.e. if u plug in your modem via RJ-45, before removing the CD-installed USB modem driver in the device manager and running the setup CD again)

    This is my experience with setting up ntl connections for people using that damn CD. This may not apply in the case of your ISP though.

    For what it's worth I agree also, ethernet over USB everytime. It's much easier to split/route your connection should you decide in the future (imho)
  4. BonyTony

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    If this is showing up in device manager Motorola Surfboard 4100 USB Cable Modem then you must have it plugged in to your pc (as it only shows up when plugged in + for that reason windows Xp loads its own driver for it)(you do have Broadband ? with Ntl?)

    And the SiS 900 PCI Fast Ethernet Adaptor may be installed as part of your mother board (even if its an add in card just install the drivers for it)>>see attachment<<

    And finally USB is the simple way to run and use your broadband connection....but it does use some system resources !.

    I use the ethernet connection myself as i find it much better.
  5. forcer

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    hey guys sorry about late reply been away.

    i am currently on 128K connection and i am connecting through my

    Motorola Surfboard 4100 USB Cable Modem

    but as i heard that ethernet is faster and better to use i want to use

    |-SiS 900 PCI Fast Ethernet Adaptor

    but as u can see my modem says 4100 and the ethernet says 900, does this mean anything? will this make my internet slowerr? or faster?
  6. canadian_divx

    canadian_divx Canadian_divx

    they are just model numbers
  7. forcer

    forcer OSNN Senior Addict

    ok cool i downloaded the driver.

    and yes i am on NTL. i guess i'll have 2 use that cd, shame i lost my pin number
  8. Kevin Ar18

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    Ah, ya that's another reason I don't want to use USB for my connetion. I'd rather go for the safe Ethernet than to have them install some software on my computer.