Unidentified Error in Dreamweaver MX and MX2004

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by Punkrulz, Sep 30, 2004.

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    Hey guys,

    My friend was teaching me how to use Dreamweaver the other day, because I'm trying to learn PHP. Whenever we try to make a MySQL connection, and then test the connection, we get the following error:


    I've been researching this error, and Macromedia has a whole entire page for it here:


    Now, we've been through everything in that document... I'll post everything that we have done.

    Originally I was using MX 6.1, we installed the updater and we were still getting the problem... My friend installed 2004 [because he owns it], and we're still having the same erorr.

    We've done this, multiple ways that the troubleshooter suggests. I've deleted the two files out of the _mmServerScripts folder and let Dreamweaver re-create them. I've moved them straight out of the Dreamweaver MX and MX 2004 install folder over to the _mmServerScripts, that didn't work.

    Now, My friend did install the PHAkt PHP Extension, but even if it would have overwritten the two files, me copying them from the main Dreamweaver folders would have undone that.

    I have MySQL Server running on my computer, with as far as I can tell all of the appropriate information...

    Most recently installed straight from the PHP site, however I do not have the version number off hand... 5.0 something... Should there be anything in my toolbar running after I install it? Or any way to check if it is running? Or how to run it after that? That's the only thing I'm not certain of...

    Been there, done that.

    So, any other ideas?