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Discussion in 'PC Gaming' started by mikehurd, Mar 26, 2002.

  1. mikehurd

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    I am unable to run any games in direct x mode or gl mode. I have tried the direct x test and its ok. I have the latest driver for my tnt m64 card (28.32) Motherboard abit lx6, processor 433 celeron, 128 mb ram, xp pro. The games all load ok then crash after the game starts for a second or so. I then need to re-boot. I have tried compatability mode to no effect. Can anyone help please.



  2. xsivforce

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    might need more ram?
  3. cky

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    possibly more ram. also some games now wont run on a 433. but double check and make sure you have the latest drivers for your vid card or update directx (8 is i think the latest one) if you havent done that yet.
  4. Perris Calderon

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    I'm under the impresion these games worked fine with an earlier os,same box...xp uses more resources...xp should be running with no less than 256 ram, 500 or more is best that'll be a good investment for you regardless, in the meantime, adjust your proprties for best performance...my computor>visual effects>adjust for best performance...let us know
  5. koko

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    i agree, u might need more ram. today, games chew up ram like crazy. best to have too much than not enough.
  6. mikehurd

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    I do not think more ram is required. 128 mb seems enough according to the boxes the games come in so there must be something else that is causing the problem.


  7. Kahuna

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    WindowsXP is not like other OS's it could be your RAM. Especially if you have all the eyecandy turned up on XP.

    What games are you trying to play? I would turn down all the visuals in the game to the lowest settings and see where that takes you.

    How much resources is your computer using? Even if the game says it will run with 128 megs of RAM if you are running 30+ process it might be sucking up them all up.
  8. mikehurd

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    All eye candy turned off. Its not so much that the games ( half life, blue shift,opposing forces, wolfienstien to name a few ) wont run its that they crash the pc approx 2 seconds into the game. The only thing I can then do is re-boot. Pinball that comes with xp works great.


  9. Eolis

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    That TNT M64 is a low clocked, low ram card. Get something a bit more current......
  10. Sprung

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    The TNT2M64 is a great card, capable of running Unreal Tournament in 1024x768 hi color, with no drop in FPS. Yes, in XP Home.

    Granted, much of my performance can be attributed to the P4 1.6 and 768MB Ram, but the TNT2M64 still is a great board.