Unable to install win XP HELP!

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by korskarn, Mar 30, 2002.

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    I am trying to install winXP pro and i get an error that prevents installation from finishing.
    If anyone can help me with this error, i'd really appreciate it.

    ===== Edited/Updated ======

    After investigating soem more on the problem, it appears that one of the files on my CD is corrupt.

    Can anyone open this file in notepad (its a text file) and paste the content here please?
    The file is
    on the installation CD

    I tried installing several different ways, with always the same result:
    - fresh installation on a reformatted disk
    - run the installer from winME, chosing the "replace" option
    - I tried to install on both NTFS and FAT32 filesystems

    And I always get the same problem.
    Here is what happens:

    1. Installer starts properly, asks for partition
    2. It copies files, everything OK there
    (screen is in text mode for steps 1 and 2)
    3. it reboots, and installation continues this time with the screen in graphic mode
    4. There i get the error message saying that it cannot continue installation because it was unable to install a componnent required to continue installation. The setup log says something like:
    (it was in french, i am translating)


    SXS.dll : Syntax error in manifest file or strategy file "E:\I386\asms\6000\MSFT\WINDOWS\COMMON\CONTROLS\CONTROLS.MAN" at line 0.

    Error: Installation Failed: E\I386\asms. Error Message: Manifest file analysis error: document first level is invalid.

    "Erreur irrécupérable":
    (dunno how to translate that, means an error that cannot be recovered)
    ONe of the componnents Windows needs to continue the installation program could not be installed.
    Manifest file analysis error: document first level is invalid.

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    um if you actually bought XP just take it back to the store and get another copy...

    however if this is a burned copy...go get a better copy :)