Ultra GT Cordless Optic mouse

Discussion in 'General Hardware' started by ElementalDragon, Jan 9, 2004.

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    for once i'm actually posting ABOUT hardware, not just helping with a hardware problem or posting my opinion.

    Today, i jus picked up my very own Ultra GT Cordless Optical Mouse by Gyration, and i gotta say it's GREAT!!! 30 ft. range (their professional mouse goes to 100ft. range, but costs about $100usd more), no need for line-of-sight, rechargeable NiMH battery. But, one of my most favorite features...... Optical mice don't need a mouse pad, and this doesn't need a DESK! can use in mid-air due to the use of Gyroscopes which sense movement, or use it on your desk like a normal optical mouse. all you do is hold in a button that is on the bottom of the mouse, which kinda reminds you of a trigger button on a joystick, and basically just move your wrist around, and watch the cursor move on screen. i even held the mouse under my desk, with the reciever on top of my desk, and the reciever picked it up. It also has a configuration utility so that, depending on where the mouse is or what combination you use, you can set it to do anything from open a program, turn your volume up or down, even minimize/maximize all windows. just to test it, i had it so that if the cursor is on the right side of the screen for one second, it would open Windows Media Player, and it worked like a dream. think there's like at LEAST 30 different features you can adjust.

    if anyone wants to look at it, HERE is the website. If anyone else has one, or has used one, maybe you could provide more insight on it. i really recommend this mouse.