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    The National Union of Students in the UK has negotiated a deal with Apple for a discount on top the educational discount which apple already offers.

    Students who are members of the NUS must register with nusonline.co.uk (follow the link at the end) and once logged in are able to browse the Apple Store Education for NUS.

    An example of discounts
    40GB Mac Mini
    Standard Price: £339
    Education Price: £318.43
    NUS Price: £305.50

    So if you are a student with NUS membership and are interested in the Mac line of products then go and take a look.

    [edit]D'oh, forgot the link after all that NUS Online - Special Offers / Computers
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    Thats clever. Its a lot like some of the Mandate programs Dell has with some uni's and certainly makes it easier for students to get what they want.

    Nice link Feggy.

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    Very nice, shame I'm not a stinky student. :p