UK gamers spend £1.5bn on titles

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    UK gamers have spent a record-breaking £1.52bn on titles in 2007, up 25% on last year and with two weeks of sales yet to be counted.

    Sales of video games in the UK are now at an all-time high, with more than 78 million titles sold, buoyed by new hardware and the success of the Wii.

    Last week more than £87.9m worth of games were sold, setting a new record.

    Paul Jackson, director general of industry body Elspa, said games were now "truly mass market".

    "Videogaming is enjoyed by everyone, young and old, male and female," he said.

    The games industry has been enjoying critical and commercial success in recent months, with a plethora of titles heralding what has been described as a "golden age" for the industry.

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    mm.. commercial maybe, but i havent seen any "legendary" titles lately...
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    Wow :eek:

    £1.5bn is like $ 4 trillion now isn't it?