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Discussion in 'Garage Sale' started by BonyTony, Oct 3, 2003.

  1. BonyTony

    BonyTony Moderator

    Well the title says it.

    All currency in Pounds

    I tend to stumble across a few bargins so the best i will post in this thread.

    5% off crucial ram UK & US on first order can be found HERE

    AMD 2500 Barton @ 65 HERE

    AMD 2600 Barton @ 88.13HERE

    AMD 2800 Barton @ 100.95 HERE

    Last 2 listed bartons @ pc (also same price in store) in the 7 day sale (2800 a bargin)

    Many more bargins to post and i will keep adding them to this thread instead of clogging up the forum.
  2. BonyTony

    BonyTony Moderator

    Budget High Back Leather Chair @ £29.99

    Budget High Back Leather Chair @ £29.99 + get free TV + Shortbread Biscuits + buy some cheap pens + free on..

    First go to Viking Direct UK HERE

    Then in the find box type Y30-MATRIX then add to trolley then click checkout at the TOP of the page ...on the next page scroll down and just under Your order qualifies for carriage FREE delivery! you will see a box with Viking Number above it >

    Type in the box Y29-PRDESIGNTV then add to trolley....then do the same thing but type A29-PRBSBB and finally just to get you over the £30 mark to get free delivery enter this code Q29-601122 for a cheap pack of pens.

    Do it all correct and you get everything i have said above (i did), the chair after payment is cleared is deliverd next day free with all the extras.

    And is good quality.
  3. Henyman

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    that is dam good :p

    i'm going 2 be watching this thread close for the great deals :cool:
  4. Khayman

    Khayman I'm sorry Hal... Political User Folding Team

    Thats pretty good, shame i already have a highback leather chair
  5. BonyTony

    BonyTony Moderator

    Fuji Hitachi Microdrive (I.0GB) @ £96.80

    1Gb Fuji Hitachi Microdrive (Compact Flash II) £96.80 inc VAT HERE @ My Memory (LOOK UNDER IBM MICRODRIVE )
    £2.95 for postage and insurance

    Also under Memory Card readers they have a nice USB2 one at £10.99 which Supports..

    Compact Flash
    Smart Media
    Memory Stick / Memory Stick PRO
    Secure Digital

    Limited stocks so be quick if you want one.
  6. BonyTony

    BonyTony Moderator

    E-Buyer Sub £10 Bargins

    Well a trip to Linkage sourced these cheap bargins for less than £10 each (for those of you with little pocket money:rolleyes: )

    8cm Internal Case Cooling Fan @ £0.82p HERE

    LED 8cm Case Fan Red/Green/Blue LEDs @ £1.64 HERE

    Ebuyer USB light @ £2.35 HERE

    Ebuyer 4 Port Mini USB Hub in blue @ £3.52 HERE and USB cables if you need them too

    HERE and HERE

    Belkin 11 Peice Tool Kit @ £6.62 HERE

    Coolermaster 80mm Aero Blower Case Fan @ £5.74 HERE

    Well i soon got bored of E-buyer...
  7. SkazzyUK

    SkazzyUK XP-erience Oldie

    Brighton, West Sussex, UK
    Loving the toolkit
  8. Alan

    Alan its only fun

    In a house
    Re: Budget High Back Leather Chair @ £29.99

    Well I must say.....ordered yesterday at 10.00pm

    arrived to-day at 9.30 all for £31.24 +vat...

    No biscuits thou so they gave me a nice liitle leather carry case/satchel

    Thx Tony
  9. Erbmaster

    Erbmaster Moderator Folding Team

    Middle Of Nowhere - UK
    Nice Job Tony.
    (although I never get bored of e-buyer ;))
    I also have a litle gem....
    Many of you probably already use this site, but I have procured quite a few bargains from here over time.
    The best being a DVD player less than half price :D

    Currently (09/Oct/03) They offer the following>>>

    40GB Maxtor DiamondMax+ ATA133/7200 £31.00 EXC £36.43 INC
    AMD AthlonXP 2600 (2.08GHZ 333) OEM
    £57.00 EXC £66.98 INC

    Plus many others...

    These offers change relatively frequently, so check back.
    You'll also find these same items elsewhere on their site for full-price, and no mention of a sale.
    So check here before the main site.

    Aria Special Offers

  10. indyjones

    indyjones Adventurer

    Anyone know where to get a Ati 9700 pro from for cheap ?
  11. BonyTony

    BonyTony Moderator

    I too have been looking for a sub £200 9700pro and i gave up...they were either more than my budget or just none around, i did find a few on from some retailers but the cards were from a manufacturer called grandmars (or similar).
    If i see anything i will post it.

    Now onto those bargins...

    Staples Blue Cross Sale (the office superstores !)

    Creative Inspire 2.1 Speakers £14.99---£39.99 direct from Creative Linky

    Logitech Z-340 @ £20.00 Linky

    HP ScanJet 5500C scanner reduced from £199.99 to £94.99 another link HERE

    CD-RW duplicator down from £149.99 to £49.99

    Silver 14" goodmans TV reduced from £79.99 to £49.99 (1 scart & remote incl)

    All offers in stores but in limited numbers so be quick.

    Big thanks to wozwebs for the heads up on this.
  12. GoNz0

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    the year 2525
    double cheeseburgers are 99p at maccy D's :p
  13. Henyman

    Henyman Secret Goat Fetish Political User

    single cheeseburgers == 69p!!!!
  14. BonyTony

    BonyTony Moderator

    Just been down and bought the HP ScanJet 5500C scanner it was not marked up as blue cross sale but when checked it was only £95 a bargin for me.
  15. BonyTony

    BonyTony Moderator

    Maxtor Plus 9 60gb 7200rpm 8mb Cache ATA133 - OEM

    E-Buyer again...
    Works out at £53.32 delivered....get it here >
    Maxtor hard drive
  16. Leevoy

    Leevoy Guest

    I did not hear any mention of a TV further to first sub. Did everyone else get a free TV, shortbread biscuits, Leather chair and pens for about 30 squids?
  17. Leevoy

    Leevoy Guest

    Forgot to mention that chair looks dam cumffy!:)
  18. BonyTony

    BonyTony Moderator

    Yes loads (well over a hundred from the size of the threads in the many bargin forums i frequent have got them all) i got chair/tv/shortbread and a pack of pens for less than £38
  19. Alan

    Alan its only fun

    In a house
    Never got the biscuts :mad: but they sent me a nice leather satchel instead :D

    Well worth it :cool:
  20. Leevoy

    Leevoy Guest

    OMG I must go hunt down my Sister or Mothers credit cards.

    I just say some hacker stole their credit card money last time they used them ha ha.

    I love that chair, can see myself spinning around in it as we speak.:)