Two Webcams - Switching?

Discussion in 'General Hardware' started by akfallin83, Feb 21, 2002.

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    I have a setup on my computer where two different brands of webcams upload to the web at 5 second intervals. Randomly, these cams seem to "switch." IE the picture from camera 1 ends up on camera 2, and the image from camera 2 ends up on camera 1 - sometimes one camera takes over both. Any idea what is causing this or how to solve it? They also are on seperate USB cards (have two PCI USB cards installed for a total of 4 ports). Any help would be much appreciated!
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    If I understand correctly, you have two webcams, lets say one in your lobby, and one in your livingroom.

    The cams are uploading to the internet on 5 secs intervals, I suppose via FTP?

    I don't know what you 've tried allready to fix it, but here's what I would do...

    * Put the images in different folders on the web, for example, wwwroot/lobby/camlobby.jpg and wwwroot/living/camlivingroom.jpg

    * change the intervals: lobby every 6 secs, and livingroom every 7 or something like that.

    * use different filenames, if possible different fileformats, for example livingroomcam.jpg and thecaminthelobby.gif

    hope this helps,

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    There are two cams:
    DaveCam uploads to davecam.jpg
    JordanCam uploads to jordancam.jpg
    They both upload every 5 seconds but not necessarily the exact same second.
    We have determined that the problem is before the file is uploaded - IE the file stores on the FTP wrong. Ive never heard of files crossing paths in transfer either.