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  1. Ok, first of all. My computer crashed one day, and I had to install a second installation of XP on a my third Partition, now that I have no need for it, I wanted to uninstall windows from that Partition. But I have actually never been able to uninstall windows, or if its easiest, I can just change the boot file around to change the priority of the second OS. What file is it that I modify to change the boot order. If not possible, how can I uninstall Windows, with out just plain deleting the folder on the partition.
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    um, the easiest would be to format the partition.. other than that, you could view all files and delete manually - you gotta get the hidden files too, or windows will just never go away.. lol
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    If space isn't an issue, just keep the old installation there. You can modify your bootloader by going to Control Panel> System> 'advanced' tab> 'startup and recovery' button. At the top of that page is your bootloader options.

    If you're not certain which installation is which, you can edit your boot.ini file by clicking on the edit button. The words in quotes ("Microsoft Windows XP Professional") can be edited so you can edit one of the strings so you know which is which... then after the next boot up you can select your good installation from the pull-down menu and untick the 'time to display...' option to boot straight into it.

    As far as knowing what to delete on the old installation, I don't have a clue having never had the problem myself.
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    I had the exact same problem, I had two versions of XP on 3 partitions. On my "G" (first part of the HD so partition 1) the useless XP and on my "C" (partition 2), the good version of XP. I think I was lucky the way I was able to delete one. Here is what I did.
    1) First, I changed the boot.ini file, (make sure the right o/s is booting by default before you do). I added a line after the name of the default o/s (just add any text in [], but don't delete the last line).
    2) I then used partition magic to format the partition with the useless XP on it. In my case, this was partition 1 (the first part of my drive), the good XP was on my "C". If you look at the boot.ini file, you have the two o/s describe as (for example)

    "multi(0)disk(0)rdisk(0)partition(1)\WINDOWS="Microsoft Windows XP Family edition" /fastdetect",

    with only the number in parantheses changing. The number after the partition tells the computer to load XP of the first partition. But if you delete a partition, the boot.ini file mught not make sens anymore because if by default it is suppose to load XP located on partition 1, and that you deleted it, you won't be able to load it.

    It is a good thing I had a partition magic emergency diskette, because once I rebooted after deleting my G, I had nothing. With partition magic I was able to make the partition active (it was now partition 1 again), so my o/s was back on the 2nd partition.

    If your useless XP is located on your hard drive after your usefull XP, you shouldn't get this problem. Make the good XP the default o/s, had the "any text" in the boot.ini file, format or delete the partition, reboot and the change to the partition shouldn't change the order of the o/s on your drive.

    It took me a while to figure it out, but it worked...
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    just food for thought but go to a command line and type bootcfg/? great cmd for fixing and modifying the ntloader.
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    rings a bell !!!