Two Questions .. 1 about Firewall, 1 about calendar

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by mattg1981, Apr 14, 2002.

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    Okay .. I know the calendar one is probly in the wrong foruam, but regardless, I have two questions. 1st, which do you guys thiknk is the best free firewall .. many say TPF (tiny personal firewall) is the best while others say ZoneAlarm is the best. I was wondering what you guys thought about that. Second, I am seeing more and more screenshots of peoples desktops with a full calendar of the current month on the actual desktop. I really like that and was wondering how I would be able to do that. Thanks!
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    Not sure about the firewall question, I use Norton. As for the calander, you can get that Here
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    ya know, winxp has its own firewall (icmp). try using it, but if you want something else, try using tiny...
  4. there are tonnes of posts around here if you search for it, but this is what I think, if you're really into setting rules for your firewall and really like tweaking tiny is the way to go, and I think the performance hit is smaller (but not by much). tiny will really get you to want to understand what's going on with your connections. I personally use zone alarm pro, basically cuz I'm lazy and can't be bothered to do too much, zone alarm just makes it easier by just customising the programs. that said, it seems that people tend to have less issues with tiny, though I had problems with tiny's default settings on a network. hope this helps.
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    here's a new twist...the best free firewall i s gonna be the internal firewall built into xp, the broblem is, it only blocks the buggers from coming in and not the buggers that wanna get out, so, most people use something else, to keep buggers from getting out, I don't, I use adaware, I ran all of the firewalls to see what was getting out, made my adjustments, and dumped then dumped the aftermarket firewalls, and turned xp's on.

    BUT if you want one,for ease of use, get the free zone alarm, which is actually a better written code then the pro...tiny is good, but needes more of your attention to get used to it
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    never used zonealarm free

    BUT tiny (now kerio) requires less work then ZA pro.
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    The XP Firewall ....

    Everyone seems to be talking about the XP firewall ... how do I turn it on? or is it allready on running in the background?
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    xp firewall

    go to control panel/ network connection/your dail up connection / advanced enable firewall.