two Firewalls at one time

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by tomsxp1, Dec 20, 2001.

  1. tomsxp1

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    Hello, Everyone: I want to install Zone Alarm on my windowsXP which as you know has its own firewall (outgoing only) and at Zone Alarm they said it was compatible with XP! What i want to know, is it ok to run Both at the same time or do i have to disable my XP (preinstalled)? Is anyone running Both now and do you have any problems?
  2. max

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    Tom : i would only run Zonealarm ....

    it would be a pin trying to manage both ......

    Zonealarm is excellent and you canb see exactly whats goin in and out .......

    Basically running two is pointless
  3. tomsxp1

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    Max, Thank You for your reply, I agree with you, Tom
  4. stef_nz

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    i agree with you guys, it does take a little more time to manage two firewalls, but it's not really a problem and they will work perfectly side-by-side.

    i did this for ages until i finally got sick of all the non-stop zonealarm alerts so i removed it and am just using the native xp one.

    if security is a big 'thing' with you then i reckon you should use both. as it is, either will keep your scanners and junior hackers at bay and lets be honest - what are the chances you are a target for one of the more accomplished hackers out there?
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    stef_nz, Thank You for the input, im always glad to hear from someone who experienced the situation. I like to hear different views (sorta weigh the Pro's and con's) then i can make a final decision with more confidence!