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Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by dbahsee, Apr 16, 2002.

  1. dbahsee

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    is there a site i can get info on how to use tweakui cus ive never used it before and what exactly is it good for anyway this tweak program


    basically you can customize almost everything in tweak ui... i really dont use it much but its nice to have
  3. allan

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    tweaking utilities (tweakui, tweakxp, x-setup) allow you to customize many aspects of the OS, from the way it looks to the way it acts. They are intuitive - you don't need directions. The easiest to use is tweakui and the most comprehensive is x-setup.
  4. Roadsplat

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    Any preference to any these? Is Tweak-xp really worth the cost or are the other ones just as good?

  5. allan

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    Okay, I'll be completely unbiased (I'm a moderator at forums). I have all three on my system and use them for different purposes. I like tweakui because it's really the simplest to use, and I really like x-setup because it's the most comprehensive (it can be a little more complicated than the others but it does give pretty good descriptions of what the tweaks do). I like tweakXP for certain functions so I keep it as well (and it also gives pretty good explanations for most things). TweakXP is free for the first 50 uses, by the way, and the other two are completely free.
  6. Hilander

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    Question for you: If you have all 3 programs installed and say a tweak is available in all 3 (or 2 for that matter). Do you need to apply the tweak in all programs?
    I know that most are registry tweaks, but I have TweakXP and TweakUI installed and have noticed that I can set a tweak in one and when I look in the other in appears that the tweak isn't set.
  7. allan

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    The utilities are nothing more than an interface between you and the registry. They don't check the registry to see what you have set, they just remember their own settings from the last time you used the utility. So no, you don't have to make multiple changes. Setting a tweak in any one of the programs changes the registry - it's just that the other tweakers don't know it (nor do they need to).