Tweak : Remove Media Player 9 Watermark

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by DrX, Jul 19, 2002.

  1. DrX

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    If you dont want " for testing Purposes only" on your desktop after installing WMP9

    Just download this registry file , unzip and right click and choose merge


    Enjoy :)
  2. ssj4conejo

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    Do you guys have the same thing for windows xp sp-1!!! cause it leaves a stupid water-mark on my desktop and its very annoying. It would be very helpfull. thanks for your time.
  3. fizz

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    is it worth the update to 9 from 8?
  4. martbhell

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  5. ssj4conejo

    ssj4conejo Guest

    So does anyone have a registry file or a tweak or hack to remove that damn windows xp sp-1 beta watermark. IT says windows xp profesinal build 2600 for testing purposes only. I know that sp-1 had problems so it didnt even install but it did replace the files in the system folder... weird..
  6. bvstrien

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    <no requesting cracks, serials, and warez on this forum> - o_87
  7. zman

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    To remove XP SP1 watermark

    Download the .zip

    Unzip it , put rm.bat in say c:\

    then open a command prompt and type c:\rm.bat press enter

    Watermark = Removed

  8. ssj4conejo

    ssj4conejo Guest


    Thanks Zman, that batch file worked and remove that damn windows xp sp-1 water mark!!! if you need anything from me just ask me.
  9. GraveLayer

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    Thanks for the info
  10. DeepBlade

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    hhhmmm..... where can i download this so called 'sp1'?
  11. vdubVR6

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    <no sharing cracks, serials, and warezs on this forum> - o_87
  12. DeepBlade

    DeepBlade Guest

    after installing wm9, i don't see any 'for testing purpose only' thing anywhere...
  13. bvstrien

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    not on this forum! - o_87
  14. Hey surely there must be a way to add your own watermark text to the desktop, or a program that does it.
  15. vdubVR6

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    tweakxp lets you put a watermark not sure if you can custimize it though and as for you bvstrien check your pm
  16. NetRyder

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    Not here bvstrien ... :rolleyes:
    No cracks/warez/serials on this forum.
  17. DeepBlade

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    ......uhhhh wmp 9, after it finishes a song, it plays 2 seconds of the next song, then plays another song

    i think it's cause i turned on shuffle

    this sux! wmp 9 looks just like wmp 8, i'm going back to winamp!
  18. GraveLayer

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    DeepBlade I too have seen no "watermark"....
  19. Grandmaster

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    no more posts requesting cracks, serials, or warezs pls. Or there will be consequences... ;)
  20. DeepBlade

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    i wasn't requesting for warez or cracks... thinking that it was freeware, i was just asking where i can download sp1, someone could have told me i hafta buy it or something

    aparently, i just found out it's not freeware.... unless i'm wrong once again, someone correct me

    GraveLayer, actually, i found it now, u hafta switch user (what i did) or reboot i guess, to see that watermark at the bottom right corner of your desktop.