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Discussion in 'General Hardware' started by dayle, Nov 2, 2002.

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    hey guys
    i just got myself a tv tuner card(pixel view play tv pro)
    it works fine but when i try to capture video it only captures in th .avi format and that too without audio.ive followed the manual correctly but nothing seems to there a way to change te output format ..even another software or something will do..thanks
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    thanks guru ive tried all iuvcr is the best but when i record in divx format and use the mpeglayer 3 audio settings the audio and video recorded are not in pace with each other.i mean the audio is heard first then the video...could you please tell me which settings to use

  4. guru

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    i had same problem no matter what settings i chose. now i use msdvr thats pretty cool :D
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    I have the Play TV HD and yes the supplied software only does .AVI because it's lossless and the best form to capture albeit you need a fast system and fast HD's to avoid frame loss.

    You can get a number of free programs that will capture and ones like Powervcr PowerDirector, WinDVR etc work great also.

    I can't recall if what I'm about to do now is against the rules if so I'll PM you but go to and you can get both freeware and shareware plus other users of your card.

    Good Luck
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    never use powervcr or windvr channel scan don't show all the channels [atleast in bangalore,india] misses quite a few of them.:(

    try TVR from better than windvr or powervcr
    and in iuvcr use huffyuv's codec for video and mp3 for audio that one gave the best results 4 me :D
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    thanks all
  8. Jz1397-5

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    Philadelphia PA
    quru, i am using a AverMedia tv thingy, thank you for showing me those programs!
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    Concerning the lack of audio. Did you make sure that the line-in under Record of your volume mixer utility is turned on? A lot of times, people do have the Line-in under Volume turned on but often forget the Line-in under Record.