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Discussion in 'Graphics Cards' started by fitfella29, Jun 9, 2002.

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    ive just got a LEADTEK GF4Ti4400 128MB DDR with TV OUT but im not sure what the tv out actually does.does this mean i could connect my tv or my dvd player to this and watch it on my monitor? if so how would i do this.
  2. Syrus

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    It just means u can connect it to ur TV and use it as a monitor but i think u need some sorta special cable.
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    Exactly the opposite you can connect the rear of your graphics card to your big-screen television in your home usually by the composite(yellow)jack plug or a better way is the s-vhs connection which i know your card will have to your tv depending on what your tv's connections are you will need a cable with the ideal connections at either end.
    Even though todays monitors are better that tv's for resolution etc (crt not flat monitors)its still better to watch on a big 28-36"tv that a say 17-19"monitor as most will agree.
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    i have svideo out going from ge4ti4400 card to tv
    running xppro in clone mode
    2 monitors showing the same exact thing at the same time
    great for playing cs and frens wanna watch or watchin movies or whatever

    you probably need a svideo cable....i had to find one about 30feet long to reach my tv