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Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by Silvio, May 28, 2003.

  1. Silvio

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    HI all:
    Any one knows a good program for watching TV on line? ;)
  2. Do you mean to watch tv on the computer? If so, you can buy a TV tuner. It's basically a PCI card and comes with some ports that looks like on the real tv.

    If you mean to watch TV off the internet, I have not heard of it before. Maybe you might need broadband to watch good video streams from the internet.
  3. the_music_man

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    is there tv off the in\ternet? that would be COOL
  4. KWK

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    With the popular of Broad Band Internet and the accelerating of its speed, the dream of enjoying television and radio broadcast programs on the internet has been realized. Wherever you are, so long as you click lightly with the mouse, WorldTV will easily help you watch and listen to the whole world.

    There are 587 built-in TV channels and 146 radios on WorldTV, including 81 countries around the world, for example, China(Chinese and Guangdong dialect) and many other countries, such as USA, UK, Japan, France, German, Singapore, South Korea, Canada, Switzerland, Malaysia, Australia and Mongolia.

    Using WorldTV, you can know the world in home; Using WorldTV, you can watch the televisions of your homeland ever if you are in other country.

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    I've got that thing downloaded..but how do I open the .rar files or are there any decent .exe downloads ? Good things here !!
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    the year 2525
    use winrar for .rar