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Discussion in 'General Hardware' started by Nitris, Oct 28, 2003.

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    Ok, I have a gfx card in my APG slot but has no TV in. I was wondering if I get like a All-in-wonder PCI card, can I use multi-monitor support, and output the TV to my other monitor?

    so like my main gfx card would display the normal stuff, and the all-in-wonder would display the TV in the other monitor.
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    its possible, but I think you'd need to have dual display on first, then load the TV app, and drag it manually to the 2nd display and then make it fullscreen.
    Not sure as I've never done it myself, but I think thats how it would be done.
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    I dont believe you can, the video card's BIOS (yes they have one) need to be initilized on startup, the computer will only initilize the primary display adapter. I tried this befire and it doesnt work. If you want to use a TV as a second monitor then you could upgrade your video card. Alot of the newer models offer a tv out, if you want tv in then buy a ALL IN WONDER AGP and replavce your current vid card.
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    yes you can do this... as long as you are displaying the tv window from the AIW card as I think you are implying...

    there is a small quirk though...

    the AIW cards like displaying on the ramdac that you have connected the monitor to... I had a lot of problems moving the tv window from the monitor connected to the display adaptor to the other monitor.. it basically causes a system hang... but it works fine otherwise...

    if you already have a dual head video card just buy a regular tv tuner from ati or else where and then you can move the tv window freely with no hangs :) just like jonifen said...

    believe me... the problems you get trying to move the tv window or even manipulate it when on one display and you work on the other is not worth it... :D

    you basically have to be flawless in operation (ie not trigger any daft events that lead to the hang)

    my primary is an AIW 9700pro and secondary is a radeon 7000 pci w/dvi...