Turbo Taxi for GTA 3

Discussion in 'PC Gaming' started by avsdotcom, May 31, 2002.

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    Hehe, I've been messing around with the handling.cfg file in the data folder, and come up with this craaaazy taxi. Faster than a Banshee, Heavier than a Tank with the impact of a train.

    Just paste this file to your 'GTAIII - data' folder (back up your own handling.cfg first though)

    Then go steal a taxi and smash stuff !!

    BTW - dont blame me if it messes your game up, you do this at your own risk, although to be honest it shouldn't mess anything up :D

    Oh, and it makes the Infernus rather quick too :)
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    Errr, no, that would be the Borgnine Taxi. This one is totally different - just the basic taxi with a massive top speed, amazing traction and hits other cars with the force of a train - its quite good fun actually. Did over 1000feet off the bridge jump in it :)