tune my pc. hi guys give ur best.

Discussion in 'General Hardware' started by pvaras, Dec 31, 2002.

  1. pvaras

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    hi fellows.
    iam a zero in pc...thats the reason i come here lloking for help..and maybe in a futeure time know just more them type.
    i would like your help i the follow:

    i havea a geforce2 mx400- what friver to use? how to get the best performance with this card.i heard about riva tuner..but iam not sure how to use it. so please give me some tips also

    iam running windows xp amd athalon 1600
    asus a7m266
    i heard about overclock...is it worth? do you thingi can improve my pc? any tips how to overclock it.

    please if possible give me step by step tips.

    i dont want bother you but any help will be welcome and thanks

    by the way any sugestionto upgrade my hardware..something better i have but not the most expensive?
    i have windows xp
    256 mb ram
    creative sound blaster 5.1
    nvidia geforce 2 mx400
  2. Gary Pandher

    Gary Pandher Moderator

    for the drivers go to
    and download the latest drivers from there
    as for over clocking i think that system is very fast for a beginer now a days
  3. Jahya

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    For an upgrade, I got a GeForce4 MX420 w/ 64 meg DDR for $79 @ CompUSA on sale and I'm sure you can find it cheaper than that online. The Radeon 7900's are dirt cheap now too, but I have heard XP doesn't like this card...but I couldn't say for sure as I have never had one.

    As for overclocking, you can read up on it here and decide for yourself if it is something you want to do.

    As for other upgrades, what you listed seems fine, but you may want to go ahead and get another 256 ram. It's dirt cheap these days...

    As for a soundcard, to h3ll with upgrading! Downgrade! No, I'm just kidding...I actually use an old old old SoundBlaster AWE64 w/ an additional 64 meg of memory added in. Until it dies I'm not changing anything with my sound. Or until I get a new board/case because I don't think anything new will support the massive ISA beast of card. As it is right now it barely fits in my case b/c it is sooo long :eek:
  4. Iceman

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    I would not overclock unless you knew exactly what your doing and have some indication on what you will receive.

    For the average user overclocking is not necessary, you simply are not going to "see" that big of a gain in most applications.

    and keep in mind you overclock that cpu, you void your warrrenty, and shorten it's expected lifecycle, i.e. it dies faster.

    just my opinion, you don't have that bad a system right now, and unless you plan on becoming a gaming pro everything is ok right now.

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    pvaras, thanks for joining, and welcome to NTFS.org! :)
  6. Zedric

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    Welcome to the forums!

    As for upgrading:
    - A Geforce 4 Ti4200 for graphics. Much better than the GF4MX cards and worth the extra money.
    - 256 MB extra RAM. 512 is just right for XP.
  7. gonaads

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  8. Nick M

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    I'll write something big tommorow
  9. Sazar

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    Between Austin and Tampa
    do NOT buy a gf4mx card since it is basically just a glorified/faster version of the card you already have pvaras...

    if you check out www.pricewatch.com you will see other good cards for sale sub 100 usd...

    concerning over clocking... the 1600+ is widely regarded as being the most overclockable cpu in the athlon palomino line-up... therefore you should have some headroom..

    personally if I was you I would not overclock... there are different things to look out for to overclock... perhaps with a little more reading around you can do it yourself... for the drivers and tweaks there are plenty of links provided for you to take advantage of...

    welcome aboard and happy new year... :)
  10. TechSupport

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    I agree with Zedric - an extra 256mb RAM would certainly help out

    A faster graphics card would speed things up too, but I dont think that is as much a necessity as the RAM.

    I personally dont overclock - I use a P3 750MHz + 512Mb RAM + 32Mb GF2MX AGP (Hercules Duel Display) - I find my system beating my mate's 1.4GHz Athlon for performance in both games and in Windows. Its all very well having the best kit, but if it aint tuned nicely, its a waste of money (I find myself better at making the slower systems keep up with the faster ones - I cant make the quicker ones much quicker as I have nothing to compare speed with lol).

    I would read over the thread gonaads mentioned - http://www.ntfs.org/forum/showthread.php?s=&threadid=7847 - its highly recommended - but read it carefully (especially the backing up of the registry section :p)

    off topic: happy new year all :cool: