Trying to re-install XP help!

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by tobydug, Apr 13, 2002.

  1. tobydug

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    Trying to re-install XP as I got a new 40 gig HD that I have started to "back up" with programs , so after I got it all sorted I decide to do a clean install on my shambles of a c: drive. I made a bootable CD that goes as far as starting windows then freezes, so tried boot floppys, same thing even with original CD I had, so tried what I originally did and tried upgrade, same thing.

    Running the excellent 2K now but had grown accustom to, nay to like the gaudy XP so any ideas.

    The version I was installing was the "trial" professional verison with the serial that was doing the rounds, I have tried the troubleshooters and help files on the site alreadt to no joy! :(
  2. max

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    The XP CD is bootable

    If you can format the drive and boot from floppies

    If it takes 2K ok it should take XP ok tooo, it must be the CD you have created

    Also are you putting smartdrv on before the install ?