Trying to connect?!?!

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by Dlovely, Jul 18, 2002.

  1. Dlovely

    Dlovely Guest

    i keep getting this message popping up that is trying to connect remotely and asking me what i want to do. it usually shows an ip address but the ip keeps changing. i have a cable modem setup that works fine but out of nowhere this just started happening. any ideas?
  2. allan

    allan Guest

    1) Unless you are on a network disable file and printer sharing now.

    2) If you don't have a firewall or hardware router with a built in firewall, I'd suggest installing some sort of firewall (XP's native firewall will do fine for incoming threats).

    3) Run ad-aware.

    4) Take a look in msconfig and see if any programs are starting that require a network connection.
  3. Dlovely

    Dlovely Guest

    thanks alan.

    i disabled file and printer sharing a long time ago

    i have zone alarm pro firewall

    i ran adware and some trojan searching program, nothing

    i ran NAV2003, nothing

    im thinking it has something to do with the stupid beta NAV2003 i installed last week. i had NAV2002, figured i would give the NAV2003 a shot, i haven't installed anything really else so im totally stumped.

    whatever it is, its annoying every once in a while it just seems to pop up while browsing and seeks out diff. IP's everytime as if its random.
  4. allan

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    Hmmm - well, at least it's not anything trying to get in. Nothing unusual in msconfig I guess. Well, maybe you're right - could be the nav beta.