Trouble with visual basic program in XP.

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by Guru-Choc, Mar 15, 2002.

  1. Guru-Choc

    Guru-Choc Guest

    A friend who I can't get in touch with anymore wrote me a program in VisualBasic. It worked fine on my Win98 system but now gives me Error "50003" on XP. I have run


    to no avail, anyone got any other updates I can throw at it. "50003" is a generic error from what I can find so I am happy to try anything :)
  2. XPletive

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  3. Guru-Choc

    Guru-Choc Guest

    The program grabs an .exe file from my HD and then sees what .zip files are in a certain directory on mY hd and creatEs a html page for me.

    Thats the finished file.

    I found that page you mentioned, nothing there helped :(
  4. XPletive

    XPletive bbbb-ring...

    Unfortunately, it's probably do to an API call that doesn't want
    to behave under Win2000 / XP.

    Do you know what version of VB it was coded in?
  5. Mister Zee

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    Have you tried to use the compatibility mode of XP? Go in the properties of the shortcut you use to run the program, go in the Compatibility tab, and make it run as Windows 98/ME

    That's what this feature is for!

    If it still doesn't work, you might be missing a DLL of controls the program is using...
  6. Guru-Choc

    Guru-Choc Guest

    Good idea, didn't work :(

    Atleast I am getting Run-time Error "50003" now instead of just "50003"
  7. Mister Zee

    Mister Zee Guest

    Do you still have the installation of that program? Or it's only a zip with files you place in a directory yourself?

    What's the program for? Is it graphical?
  8. Guru-Choc

    Guru-Choc Guest

    I still have the program, it was just in a .zip and dropped in a directory.
  9. Mister Zee

    Mister Zee Guest

    Then you're out of luck. I've done some research about that error, and it's something generic... telling you something is not working because you're missing something, but it isn't telling what.... sucks uh? The only way to fix that would be to make an installation set of files using the original VB Project. But you lost track of the guy...