Trouble with P2K commander

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    I used commander to change the startup and shutdown anims. When i got to the point where i wanted to change the startup/shutdown sounds, i wanted it silent and i didn't have any silent mp3s, so i just deleted the files all together. I didnt see any forum where anyone advised it or disadvised it, and my phone works fine now, so it seemed like it wasnt a problem. But, now when i tell commander to read the contents of my phone, it doesnt read the whole phone. it says 304 files found, 69 files loaded, and none of the folders that i need to edit more stuff in show up. a/brew and a/motorola are the only folders and theres a file in a called "ALARMCLOCK." I dont know if that helps, but did deleting the startup/shutdown sounds make commander read my phone wrong now or something.

    I have a V3c
    Thanks for you time

    OOPS, forgot to turn unlimited file reading back on. Good thing i clikced options by accident!