trouble resuming from standby

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by AmarSingh, Apr 27, 2002.

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    i was having this problem on my old system too, but im having it on my new system as well. When i resume from standby, it takes 10-20 seconds for the screen to come on and the system to return to a usable state. I just did a clean install and i havent even installed my apps yet. just some drivers. i did a bootvis standby trace and it is attached. it looks like the video card is the culprit??

    Current system :

    amd xp 1900
    giga ga-7vrxp
    512MB PC2700 DDR
    MSI GF3-TI200 w 128MB ram

    old system:
    PIII 733MHz
    384mb pc 133 ram
    nvidia vanta video 8mb
    asus mobo
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    so i removed the video capture drivers (they seemed to be causing the problems) and it sped it up a little, but it still takes a long time. take a look at my driver dealys. the big ones are all caused by video drivers. ive tried a couple different drivers and right now i have the official 28.32 detonators installed. man this is so annoying...ive been working on it for hours. can anybody help me please??:(
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    jsut did another clean install and ive installed everything except the nvidia capture drivers and im resuming in 15 seconds. :)