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Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by illmaticone, Jan 30, 2006.

  1. illmaticone

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    Hello I haven’t been on this website for a long time since it was (years ago) I went by the name canibus. Anyway I’m glad I found this site again and re-registered.

    I also have a problem I hope some of you can help out.

    here is my situation
    wireless router 3 pc's wired 1 laptop wireless
    on all of my wired connections I can access these website


    how ever on my wireless connection I cannot access either of them.
    I just reinstalled windows xp home on the laptop today, running IE

    at one point i could access but it just stopped working. so i formated the system and i still cant access it, but now i cant access which i used to be able to access but since the format i cant ( i need that site for school )

    Any ideas? This is really bugging me out

    Thanks guys
  2. XeoNoX

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    make sure all your computers are using your ISP's DNS and not your routers or private network's DNS.
  3. kcnychief

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    Also check to make sure they are getting valid IP addresses, not 169.x.x.x
  4. illmaticone

    illmaticone OSNN Junior Addict

    they are vaild 192.16.x.x i will check what the other guy said about the DNS. i will be by the laptop this weekend and will post results around staturday thanksfor ur time guys
  5. muzikool

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    My guess is also DNS.

    To verify, you could open the command prompt from the laptop and ping -- this is If you get good replies then it is DNS-related. If you can ping it, you could even enter that IP in your browser and the site should come up.
  6. celticfan11

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    Vernon, CT
    i had this problem with my linksys. somewebsites just wouldnt load for some reason. upgraded the firmware on my router and it fixes it.
  7. illmaticone

    illmaticone OSNN Junior Addict

    It is a linksys router i will have to upgrade the firmware this weekend i wont be near the network till this weekend