Trojan ? or virus ?

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by Tony The Tiger, Dec 5, 2002.

  1. In my event log the following was displayed:

    Event ID: 63
    WARNING: A provider, WMIProv, has been registered in WMI namespace, Root\WMI, to use the LocalSystem account. This account is privileged and the provider may cause a security violation if it does not correectly impersonate user requests,

    Another similar warning was about "HiPerfCooker....V1

    Soon after reading these warnings I attempted to install a game CD and upon clicking on the .exe icon a window about 95mm x 40mm in size popped up. In the title bar of this window were the words "Ren Sez" and in the window the following message "You EEeediot theese ees NOT CHEECAGO" This message only pops up when accessing the install file of the aforementioned Kids game which has been scanned for malicious files.

    Is this a virus or a Trojan Horse programme ? My virus checker (AVG) does not pick anything up and says my system is clean. Likewise my trojan detector (Swat It) I have been on the net to Shields up ! and all ports etc are stealth locked. (xp firewall) I suspect I may have picked up some thing from KaZaa lite. Has anyone any ideas.
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    are both your scanners freeware?
    as i suggest getting a proper one as they tend to do a better job than something for free
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    Well I would suggest doing a free virus scan online to be safe. I would so suggest buying an antivirus/firewall program as I had bad luck with a free virus scan program.

    free online virus scan
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    the problem is with your game

    Product Thinkin' Things® Sky Island Mysteries™
    Issue Error During Install (Windows(r) XP)
    Description During the program installation a message similar to the following appears: "You Eeeediot!! Theese ees NOT Cheecago!!" This typically occurs when installing the program on Windows(r) XP.
    Solution This program is not supported on Windows(r) XP.



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    Octopus: Maybe you can explain to me WHY this HiPerfCookeer_v1.0 isssue is smothered on the net. Never seen so much nonsense and poopycock
    IE:"it's only a warning, don't worry about it if everything is working fine"
    Personally I spent over 60 hours examining the actions of this "TROJAN" (you are the FIRST to be bold enough to say so.... WHY is that?) and this cooker is not valid AT ALL. It logs any user off then "THE" Network AUTHORITY and Local System alter SECURITY, POLICY, LOGON AND FIREWALL setttings. Big ? to all... WHAT
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    what is the difference exactly between a trojan and a worm? they are both viruses but what are the differences?