Tried several sources to get an luck...TV tuner with Limited Account

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by Think, Apr 25, 2002.

  1. Think

    Think Guest

    I'm convinced that this is not a Hardware problem but a software problem; functionality of XP priviledging.

    I have several accounts of which one is a Limited account. The Leadtedk TV Tuner Icon appears in my task bar but when I click on it, it says:

    Cannot Find Video Capture Device

    This doesn't happen with Administrative options.

    I'm at a loss to find which Group Policy(start/run/GPEDIT.MSC) will allow permission a LIMITED ACCOUNT to have access to the tuner.

    Does anyone have a TV tuner that works in LIMITED and ADMINISTRATIVE RIGHTS???
  2. stuy_b

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    I havnt had your problem, but I have found that with limited accounts UNLESS all hardware is pre-configured at Administrator level, then the limited account will work, if not then it wont. But, to work round it, change the limited account to administrator privilages, and set it up that way, then once done, you can change the account back to limited.

    Office2k does a simillar thing, not installing properlly for limited accounts.
  3. Think

    Think Guest

    I set her up as an Administrator and the tuner worked fine. Then I rebooted and logged on as Administrator and changer her preferences to LIMITED; it didn't work.

    So, I uninstalled the TV TUNER, drivers, registry entries and reinstalled them as an Administrator; no luck:(

    I'm stumped!!!!!:mad: but determined:)