Tribes 2 control problem, HELP!!

Discussion in 'PC Gaming' started by aScoundral, Jun 24, 2002.

  1. aScoundral

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    I have a key binding problem. Since I am left handed, I have my mouse on the left side of my keyboard, but it is configured like the rest of the world. Left button to Fire, Right Button to jump, and wheel for weapon select.

    I have my Right Shift button bound to Jump Jets, the arrows for movement, the Delete for beacons, End for mines, and around we go...

    My Problem is this, when I jump jet and either fire or jump at the same time, I keep jumping or firing until I jump or fire again by hitting the appropriate mouse button. GRRRRR.... Needless to say I don't play much because I hate blowing myself up all the time...

    Ex: Run and Jump+Jumpjet = (whenever I land) bounce, bounce, bounce, bounce, bounce, bounce, (fall into a lake) bounce, bounce, bounce, (drown), respawn, bounce, bounce, bounce, click the jump button on my mouse.

    Ex: Run and Jumpjet+shoot = shoot, shoot, shoot, shoot, shoot, (running out of ammo) shoot, shoot, land (looking at the ground), shoot, go meet GOD.

    It is enough to keep me from installing the game on any NT-based OS (Win2K and WinXP). Windows 98 does not have these problems; however, I cannot run Win98 on my machine. Win98 only supports one processor (See my Specs Below).

    Any Ideas? I've tried using other buttons, but All my other games use this configuration, so it really doen't make any sense to change it. I would prefer not to play a broken game rather than change ALL my key bindings on ALL my games.

  2. FatesWarning

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    Normal settings for the mouse are Left Button to Fire, Right Button to Jet(not jump) and space bar(or whatever button you want) to Jump.
  3. aScoundral

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    Thanks for the update, but how does that help me? I was attempting to note that I didn't also reverse my buttons like most lefties.
  4. FatesWarning

    FatesWarning Guest

    How does it help you say? errrr, how about this...good luck. :) Why don't you try posting your question in Tribes 2 forum.
  5. Lithium

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    or just change your buttons around
  6. aScoundral

    aScoundral Guest

    0Button Arrangment

    I have tried to, but I cant get used to it. I use the same buttons for everything. Q3A, UT, Tribes, Tribes2, JKII, blah, blah blah, and you get the idea.

    Tribes2 forum was no help.