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Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by SpetzNatz, Apr 14, 2002.

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    Does anyone know how to edit the files that are on the Windows XP Pro installation disk? I want to translate Windows XP into another language, and to do that, all I've done before is edit the .dll files in Windows\System32 and so on. But I want to have a translated version on a CD so that when I install and start using it, it's already translated. I used Resource Hacker to edit the .dll files, and I can translate the strings and change the pictures (XP logos etc..).

    The files on the CD though, are .DL_ files. Does anyone know how I can edit these or some good program for this stuff? ANYTHING.

    Thanks in advance. All help is appreciated. :D
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    Yeah, you will have to unpack the .DL_ files using Expand.exe (found on the install disk in the i386 folder) then edit them, then repack them using the same utility. Expand.exe is a DOS prompt programme, and I suggest you firstly do a "Expand.exe ?" to bring up the help / syntax listing.
    Hope this is of some help

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    How do you exactly go about doing this?

    How do you exactly do this with the Expand.exe?