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Discussion in 'Garage Sale' started by kcnychief, Dec 1, 2005.

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    Since some of our members here at OSNN don't have a very high post or rep count, this particular thread can be used to leave reference for people you have bought from.

    This particular thread still falls under the guidelines of the rest of the forum, so please no foul language or obscene comments.

    Here are some examples of recommended types :

    1. Positive Example -I bought a Garmin iQue M5 GPS from Gen3ric, and everything about the sale was awesome. He kept me in the loop on shipping, and worked with me on the payment so I felt more secure about the transaction.
    2. Negative Example-I bought a skateboard off of [member name here] and I never heard a word after the payment. It showed up about 6 weeks after the payment was sent, in a damaged package and one of the wheels fell off.
    Plain and simple, keep it clean and use the system to help others so they can benefit from your experiences. As always, if there are any major problems, contact an administrator.
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    As an addendum:

    We have had a lot more people posting in these forums looking to trade items and we thought it would be prudent to have some more detailed guidelines for the protection of the website as well as the buyers.

    First off, these transactions are completely separate from OSNN and we bear no liability for bad transactions so please indulge in trades/sales with prudence.

    There are several individual threads already started with seller feedback and it will be a bit too archaic to merge everything so lets try and start with a clean-slate.

    Official guidelines:

    1. When posting for trade or sale, include details about the product. A link to an ebay auction is NOT a valid transactional statement and will most likely be deleted. We are not ebay. We can use seller feedback from there to validate a poster but auctions are to be advertised on ebay, not here.

    2. Post some heatware or an ebay seller reference or some other form of identification so the people buying have a way to check background of the seller. People who have very few posts (if any) and are looking to trade large items may find their posts deleted for the safety of other traders on this board if they can provide nothing to backup their trade history.

    I will add more as I think of them, haven't slept in nearly 3 days

    Also, please post BAD seller feedback with details, including if they are active on other forums so that posters here can see whom to avoid when dealing with transactions.

    Please keep this thread only for BAD seller or GOOD seller feedback. Forward all other things to myself directly if possibly via PM.


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