trade laptop mem for sd/mmc card

Discussion in 'Garage Sale' started by electrickpirate, Oct 26, 2004.

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    hey everyone.
    about 8 months ago i bought a new hp zd7000. it came with 256 megs ram.
    within 30 minutes i pulled the 256 out and dropped 2x 512s in. well, the 256 sat in a drawer in a protective case. i just bought a ipaq rx3115 and would like a sd/mmc card for more storage. i was wonderin if anyone would be interested in a trade. i dont know who manufactured the ram, but it came with my hp laptop. i booted the machine once, everything worked and i pulled it out. i have placed it back in to test it and it works fine. theres a sticker on the chip..
    v826632b24satg-c0 256mb cl2.5

    it's PC2700 256 meg.
    let me know here or at:
    thanks all, 'night