"Track Bumping" with MP3 apps?

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by forceusr, May 30, 2002.

  1. forceusr

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    I want to rip some of my DJ mix cd's to mp3 to listen to while working on the computer. Is there a software MP3 player that will allow you to remove the gap between tracks?

  2. Taurus

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    winamp has plenty of plugins on their site. try there.
  3. mbunny

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    May i recommend ripping using CUE files???

    what it does is rip the entire CD as one massive mp3 but there is a CUE file with it that kinda bookmarks the times where a track starts and ends.

    its just a plugin for winamp and EAC does CUE rips for ya.

    (read the mp3 convert thread for info about EAC + LAME)

    CUE is located here:

    its just a winamp plugin. Crossfaders work to an extent but i don't like them =P

    Have Fun =)
  4. TR!GG3R

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    do a search for alto mp3 maker i think that 1 does it :D