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    Just wanted to share this app. It captures your screen when you press [PrtScreen] and uploads it for free to the company's website[Image hosting is free] then automatically provides you with a url link to paste on a forum. Latest version is attached.
    TPUCapture - See, Capture, Upload


    TPUCapture is an easy to use screenshot utility with a small memory footprint that resides in the system tray.
    Main Features

    • Save files as JPG, GIF or PNG
    • Upload images directly to techPowerUp! Free Image Hosting
    • Copy image data to clipboard
    • Live zoom for 100% accurate pixel selection
    • Select any hotkey to capture


    It's so easy to use, you don't need documentation.

    • Start the program
    • Press PrintScrn
    • Change the options in the popup dialog, optionally select a different area to capture with the mouse.

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