TP-Link TD-881 & TL-WR541G setup problem

Discussion in 'General Hardware' started by belveder, Jun 2, 2008.

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    I have just bought a TP-Link TD-8810 router & TP-Link TL-WR541G wireless router (the second so I can plug my kids computer into the internet).

    I have set it up as the 8810 first with the settings to Bridged and then connected to the WR541G, making sure they have different IP addresses, it is working ok in the fact that I can get on the internet, although with only 8810 connected with only my pc I get about 500kb/sec faster at running it on a few different servers. Also, when both are connected I can't access the browser setup page for the 8810.

    I have the networking setup ok and I see the other pc through windows or Total Commander, although I have to find the networked pc as a workgroup,not a Home or Small Office network.

    I would like these problems solved but my worse one is that I can't run any programs that require the networking where I could before I bought these routers, eg Multi-Screen Remote Desktop or Classroom Spy Professional both tell me that the other pc's ip address is wrong even though I ipconfiged the ip address first and I can't play any games across the network to the other pc

    Any help would be greatfully appreciated

    Oh I have tried on both XP Pro & Vista Ultimate