Toshiba laptop bootup / network adapter problem

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by hungheavy, Dec 16, 2005.

  1. hungheavy

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    Hi everyone. I'm new here and posting with a problem.Can anybody help me?

    When I boot up my Toshiba A75-s209 laptop I get a message showing
    "Resource Conflict - PCI Network Controller in Slot 03 Bus:01, Device:0B, Function:00".
    The computer will then only start in safe mode.

    I have tried system restore to a previous time no avail.

    I have removed the network card from device manager and let windows redetect it on reboot, but the computer freezes as soon as windows detects it.

    If I disable the network controller and then restart, the message still shows, but I can boot in normal mode and everything works apart from no network. If I then enable the network controller the computer immediately freezes.

    The computer is 10 months old and this problem started for no reason (no knocks or drops) nor have I added hardware or software recently, I see on a web search other people with the problem but none have posted the solution.

    Any assistance greatly appreciated

  2. lancer

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    FL, USA
    hungheavy were did you buy this laptop from?

    also the network adaptor is broken, no software will fix it.
  3. hungheavy

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    Bought at J&R in New York City Jan 2005.

    Sent to Toshiba in Madrid for power socket repair in September. Worked for a while but same power supply fault reappeared.

    Sent to Toshiba repair in Orlando in November. The very helpful repairman said power supply was a known issue with this model, as was a problem with the top cover. He swapped out both parts, and it worked perfectly till 2 days ago.

    If the network adapter is broken then I take it that is another trip to the repair shop. I live in Spain and find Tosiba madrid not well informed, not to mention they make me pay €60 shipping costs
  4. _kC_

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    get a full refund (while still in warranty) and get a better model
  5. hungheavy

    hungheavy OSNN One Post Wonder

    That sounds sensible!

    Do I claim from the retailer or Toshiba?

    If Toshiba, would I need to send it back to the U.S.A.?