Too much nintento??

Discussion in 'Funny Farm' started by FishBoy, Apr 16, 2005.

  1. you can tell these ppl dont know nintendo :p
    it's hillaaaariouuuus and so goood
    Download Video
  2. synical33

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    I dont think I need to see this in order for me to know what is behind that link but I will tell you I know that that link right there will provide enough NOSTALGIA to the next Joe that clicks on it. I agree with to you FishBoy it is HILARIOUS.
  3. gonaads

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    I'll take yer word for it. :D
  4. or how about you just watch it's nothing bad it's just a cool video
  5. vivid_vibe

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    Yeah, I thought it was pretty cool.
  6. gonaads

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    Got through about half of it... then my ears started to really hurt (they were hurting from the beginning). :speechless:
  7. onimkron

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    Best bit had to be tetris, have to admit they did that pretty damn well! :)
  8. Steevo

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    They need singing lessons.
  9. Kush

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    its blocked for me and would take me ages to dowload it probably is it the group x where they do the mario theme by voice? hey i got a snes for one dallar ey.