too easy to get access?

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by Bretenn, Mar 17, 2003.

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    I think it is all scare tacticks to get you to splash out on more useless stuff. What can they do with the information they collect.....if they do? Behave yourself when online & you have nothing to be concerned about. O no they know I live in Melbourne. :rolleyes:
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    haaaahahaa... :D
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    btw... how to block cookies that i dont want?? any software for it?
    like those stupid tracking co.
    it is annoying....

    just now i check my msconfig and i identify 1 process that unknown me....that is bigmac.exe
    anyone of u know bout it??
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    OOH, I'm scared...

    Scared that my PC may not be configured properly if the site gave me the wrong info back.

    Right IP Address..
    No cookies (although I should have: logged into MSN,,, and Warp2search)
    Empty Clipboard (Evensaid this when tested it by copying a few text strings)
    Browser + OS test failed, couldnt distinguish my info
    Geographical location didnt even load
    Network info screwed.

    All I'm using is WinXP firewall. Damn I'm secure :p :D

    Nah, seriously, it's just scare tactics, My university programming project performs better than their so-called 'tests', and even then it's running on test machines with no security.

    Just make sure you have a firewall (software, or hardware), even then, this is not needed unless you are on broadband, and/or download anything off filesharing networks.

    Your IP address is accessible by websites, otherwise you couldnt connect to the www, as any requests sent by your pc would be void, as they would have no originating address to reply to, although if you have a firewall configured correctly, no port-scan, will show a computer currently at that address.
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    To block 3rd party access to cookies

    Tools->Internet Options->Privacy tab->Advanced

    Check the box Overide automatic cookie handling

    Then set the rules
    First Party cookies =Accept
    Third Party cookies =Block

    Then check the box Always allow Session cookies

    Click Ok

    Now you should be safe from advert-tracking sites that can see your history.