To The People of The World

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    To The People of The World

    By Anonymous

    This is a story that must be told
    Of an Iraqi baby, not very old.

    Lying in her crib one star lit night
    How could she know of those planes in flight?

    She lay there quietly touching her nose,
    Watching her mobile, wiggling her toes,

    Oohing and cooing, so sweetly is she,
    Talking to someone, who could it be?

    An Angel is standing with her in the room.
    The baby is smiling, unaware of her doom.

    The crib starts to shake and the mobile goes round
    And then suddenly comes a most deafening sound.

    The ceiling drops in, in a second or two...
    On top of her crib she ceases to coo...

    No one knows how long she lie there.
    Who thought about it? Doesn't anyone care?

    Is she alive? Is she dead? Is she in any pain?
    Now that you mention it, who knows her name?

    Her name is Amal. In English we say Hope.
    Crushed between the rubble, her tiny fingers start to grope!

    Where is my mommy? I love her so dear.
    Come get me mommy! It's dark in here!

    I'm scared and I'm hungry and I can't see my feet.
    There's blood in my mouth! Give me something to eat!

    Where is my daddy? Where's my big brother?
    It hurts when I breath! Where is my mother?!

    How long have I been here? Is it just a dream?
    I open my mouth, but I can't even scream.

    The Angel appears once again by my side,
    This time with a tear I plead... Why have I died?!

    Am I alone in my suffering? No, there are many others.
    In our grief and our misery, we are sisters and brothers.

    Who are we? I ask you... For what crime did we die?
    They're throwing a party! Doesn't anyone cry?

    Is it true? Am I nothing?! How could it be?
    Don't they also have babies, just like me?

    It is war they say, of which death is a part.
    How blind they've become, how hardened of heart.

    Did someone say hero? To whom do they speak?
    A victory claimed for killing the weak?!

    Why are they happy? Why are they proud?
    Don't they know that I'm cold in my burial shroud?!

    No war has been won; No ifs, buts, or maybes
    For Saddam still lives, THEY'VE ONLY KILLED BABIES!!!
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    wow... are you Iraqi?
  3. chris

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    damn man, makes you think is it all worth it
  4. damnyank

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    Petal, Mississippi
    raq - welcome to - that might be the last nice thing I ever say to you - so enjoy it!
  5. Bman

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    lol damnyank
  6. Leo154

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    What are you joking? Coz i really hope you are :(
  7. Alan

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    In a house
    Exactly the reason why its been posted.

    Somehow I don't think we will see raq again
  8. Leo154

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    yeah... wierd...
  9. Nick M

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    I'm with him.

    Shouldn't join up for speading that sh!it around. If you want, go make a website, don't post crap like that here.

    I feel no sympathy for the baby. I also feel no sympathy for you if your IP gets banned.

    The way that post was made. Look, wars have their casulties. When an arab blows up, killing tens and twenties of Israelis. When " someone " blows themselves up in a Jewish nightclub, or party in Israel, does someone post threads with an anti-arabic manner? No, no they don't. Perhaps all they are is conserned, and will make a thread discussing the motives to the horrendous thing done, and etc, they don't make a blatant statement like that.

    I think every child should be given a chance. However, when the world is in danger, when a country with a leader such as Saddam , has nuclear weapons, and biological weapons, that could at any time be used to kill lots, and lots of children, women, men, and animals, over anywhere, thousands of casulties. People that haven't done anything. The government, politicts, is what gets things started. Not me, not damnyank, not anyone here. We don't run the world.

    So, given the choice, between thousands of people in danger, or that baby, given the chance, as young as I am, I would not hesitate in snapping that baby's neck.

    Sorry, to the other members of this website, if this is harsh. I am not against arabic, muslim, or any kind of people. But some certain things must be done.

    Raq. I must say, you aren't welcome here. Not by me. As to fact, I hate you for writing that. And if you ever come back, and take the oppertunity to read what I wrote, I'm glad you did.

    and mods, I believe all I have written is within guidelines. It's my honest opinion, and I didn't flame him. Edit or delete this post, and I'll find what you did as unjust as what Raq has done by posting this.

    Close the thread if you wish, don't delete it. Let others see.

    EDIT: Spelling edit.
  10. Nick M

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    I don't think he is. Neither am I.
  11. chris

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    Just want to say that I dont think your out of line Nick, you said what you think, and you said it with maturity.
  12. Leo154

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    Yes I see your point, there is a lot more going on...

    You right they dont say anything, because they can just go and kill some more out of revenge.... people are missing a great point here... the Palestiniens have nothing to fight with, thats why they speak, but are rejected by people like you, who frankly couldn't be ar$ed. They blow themselves up out of humilation and frustrustation of demonic opression.... again people like you turn around and tell them to shut up, your disturbing my sleep... Good excuse for IDF to get some excercise...

    Firstly saddam doesnt have WOMD coz he would''ve used them already, he isn't waiting for permision, if he is as crazy as everyone seems to think he is... And actually America does control the world.... because when it bombs two japanese cities with the feared weapons, after the war - just to test them out.... no one has any objections... And when America plants a nice big package in the middle east that we call Israel, to stirr up the nations and make sure they dont develop because they have too much money and may prove... difficult lets say... That gives blatant evidence that america is opressive and in control of the world...

    I feel sorry for you...

    Yes and read what I've said...

    Same here goes to you...
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    This thread does not need to continue. This thread is only asking for trouble.

    thread closed