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Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by Mal42985, Apr 25, 2002.

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    How can I get rid of alot of the processes that I have running? I mean it seems like alot of them don't even need to be running. Also I don't want to have to stop the programs each time I start the computer. I have about 30 processes running. Is that about right?
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    all right to answer your question I will base it on my system...

    I have 23 processes running, and that includes my desktop t.v. and IE as well as chat programs...

    it totally depends on HOW you use your system..

    the homepage for has plenty of tips on how to tweak your system so as to minimize some of the processes that are running....

    I generally play games or down some heavy duty compiling and need the processes to be at a minimum so I can use max. CPU time on these processes...

    use the speed tweaks...

    if you know a little bit about your computer... you can make a lot of the processes that are automatic, manual thereby turning of some processes that are activated when the OS comes online...

    of course, like I said, it all depends on how you use the system...
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    My rig has 32 processes runnign after a reboot/startup, I dont even worry about it.. my rig still runs as fast.

    As long as your not getting serious slow downs I wouldnt worry about your processes running,.. XP is NOT like w98 where the processes really slowed down your system.

    XP is far more robust and designed to run many processes.
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    Ok well the reason I was wondering was because some of the processes that are running have the same name so it is like there are two of them running at the same time. Well if that doesn't matter I will just keep it the same. Thanks:)