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Discussion in 'General Hardware' started by canadian_divx, Nov 21, 2002.

  1. canadian_divx

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    what kind of paint stickes to the plastic on like a microsoft optcal mouse, not clear plastic it is like white and i want it to be black. what kind of paint will soke into the plastic????
  2. ZAnwar

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    I think Emulsion will!
  3. New Disease

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    acrylic i think (?)
  4. Alan

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    In a house
    I think you would have to apply a type of primer, something like epa primer and then you would be able to apply almost any type of finish.

    The secret of applying a painted finish to plastic is, it needs a sound base for adhesion, without a quality primer the painted surface will [For want of a better description] peel and mark more easily.

    I would stay away from emulsion, this would be a poor finish for someting that is gettting handled on a regular basis and would not last very long.

    Hope this helps you


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    Think acrylic is water based isn't it ?
    Used to paint htese little models with it :D
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    Ok i work in a body shop. Tape up anything you dont want painted. Now take some scotch bright and ruff that bad boy up (this is very important) Now any spray, brush paint should work. Just as long as its scuffed up a lil. So go to your local store and nab a can of flat black and spray away my freind. Acrylic isnt the best paint to be painting computer parts with as it scrathes off very very easily and mars up. Use laquer based paints.
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    i dont :rolleyes:
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    you paint your house with emulsion
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    I know, so I was thinking, if a house works ,then a mouse should to!

  10. canadian_divx

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    thanks for the imput everyone i will lookinto what i can