TiVo hardware now free..

Discussion in 'Green Room' started by fitz, Mar 13, 2006.

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    As was rumored a while back, TiVo is now offering their hardware for free...

    at the expense of higher subscription prices.. Their official press release can be found on their website..

    The upgraded subscription prices depend on how long a commitment you sign up for:

    • The price for a TiVo box and a one-year service commitment is $19.95 a month or $224 prepaid
    • The price for a TiVo box and a two-year service commitment is $18.95 a month or $369 prepaid
    • The price for a TiVo box and a three-year service commitment is $16.95 a month or $469 prepaid
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    My brother was telling me about this (he works for Tivo) and we got into this argument about how they should offer their prices based on services, not flat rates. For example, some people may not use the online feature.... or the LAN connectivity or even the recommendations when it records stuff it thinks you like. (I personally hate this one) I think it would be cool to pick which main services you want... then base your monthly off of that.
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    YEah, if I could pick the services I want then I would be more prone to sign up
  4. awesome-o

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    pretty interesting, thanks for news, might have to look into this now, although on demand gets the new sopranos up pretty fast so i can watch them repeatedly till dvd release.