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Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by sickmailer, Jun 4, 2002.

  1. sickmailer

    sickmailer Guest

    My God! What A Firewall. I Thought Outpost Was The Best But Tiny Firewall 3 Acts Like A Firewall Cum Mini Anti-Virus/Trojan:p And It Beats Outpost.
    The Features It Has Is Fantastic And So Freakin' Easy To Use. Outpost Seems Buggy.
    Goodbye Outpost And Hello! Tiny:)

    Anyone Who Have Tried Tiny Firewall 3, Please Post Your Comments. Thanks.
  2. Iceman

    Iceman Moderator

    Tiny Firewall 3 is okay
    zone alarm is okay
    sygate is okay
    outpost is okay
    all these firewalls are, however, if u have a experienced hacker or cracker, trying to get into your system, none of the above or so called "free" firewalls will stop them.

    if you don't believe me just read any computer magazine or read the headlines, major corporate sites get hacked everyday. and they have "thousands" invested in security.

    these free firewalls will only stop the un-experienced, just strating out, don't know what they are doing, punk kids.

    Having said all that, your chances of being hacked are slim, u don't have anything on your computer they want.

  3. WojtekF

    WojtekF Guest

    Could you check if it works with XP ICS (Internet Connection Sharing)?
    Agnitum promises ICS compatibility in next release...

  4. sickmailer

    sickmailer Guest

    Tiny Firewall 3 Is Not Free!

    Tiny vs Kerio = Tiny
    Kerio seems to be the same as Tiny Firewall 2.
  5. Iceman

    Iceman Moderator

    no commit, said enough :confused:
  6. WojtekF

    WojtekF Guest

    Re: It Works With ICS And Tiny Firewall 3 Is Not Free!

    Tried both Kerio and TPF 2. Tried to configure to work with ICS (successful), but I don't like the idea of building firewall rules from the scratch - at least on Windows system.

  7. sickmailer

    sickmailer Guest

    Try TPF 3.
  8. WojtekF

    WojtekF Guest

    Tried TPF3.
    Jesus, wonderful piece of software.
    But still no ICS support - I installed it on ICS gateway computer (XP Home) - no connection from the second computer.
    On Kerio/TPF2 I could create a rule that allows communication for 192.168.0.* subnet in both directions. This works, but I really don't want to create complete firewall table (seems that I will have to build NetBSD router sooner or later).

    Any ideas are welcome.

  9. Pyr0

    Pyr0 Guest

    Somebody that knows something. Exactly. These firewalls are no where near "GREAT". It's the most advanced firewall AND UN-userfriendly that is near great. To me these firewalls is like a BlackIce that stops some script kiddie and a user friendly interface.