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Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by Swi, Apr 20, 2002.

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    Hi guys!
    By the way, anyone felt the earthquake this morning? THe center was near Plattsburg NY but we felt it here in Montreal QC.

    Ok here's the problem. First of all, figure that all my folders are in Details view. I have a picture folder where i put all the pictures from my digital still camera. I have many folders and subfolders. I wanted to put this folder (and only this one) in thumbnails view. As the "Picture folder" option didn't work in the "Customise" tab in the properties panel, i tried to set them manually for each folder... This part worked great but it seems that Explorer has some difficulties of remembering settings for all folders...

    When i check "My computer" folder, it was in thumbnails view... as for some others folders that were supposed to be in Details view. I set them back to details, but then some of the folders in my picture folder were back to details view... The switching happens every time i want to set thumbnails in my picture folder and details in the others...

    Note that the "Remember each folder settings" option is checked.


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    This is a known problem in Windows XP. It can only remember a limited amount of folder settings and after too many settings are changed from the default values, XP will reset some folders. I think I saw a patch for this floating around somewhere. Maybe try Windows Update, or search google.