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Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by dreamworks, May 4, 2008.

  1. dreamworks

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    Hi guys .. I have a slight problem here. Hope someone could help me out.

    What I basically wanted is to enable thumbnail. However, if a file is stored on my local hard drive, the thumbnail works alright. Once the file is transferred onto the NAS, the thumbnail will not appear but instead just icon.

    I have disable the 2 options under folder options which is:-
    1. Always show icons, never thumbnails
    2. Display file icon on thumbnail

    The funny part is when I open the folder, initially the thumbnails would appear but right after that it will turn back to icons.

    My notebook is running Vista SP1, and the files are stored on the NAS.

    Please advise if you know what's wrong or how to work around this problem. Many thanks. :lick::nervous::nervous::):laugh::eek:
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    What make and model of NAS?
  3. dreamworks

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    It's a D-Link DNS-323. Came with firmware 1.03 but I have updated it to 1.04. :nervous::nervous: