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Discussion in 'Site Problems & Feedback' started by Son Goku, Jan 25, 2006.

  1. Son Goku

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    wrt this thread closing:

    Given that

    * This actually was the older of the 2 threads
    * It was resurrected by one of the mods prior to the creation of the current thread:

    And the first post of the current thread says they'll be merged

    I suggest the threads, perhaps, just get merged together...
  2. Grandmaster

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    Santa Clara, CA
    Well we've (read: I did :p) just come to a decision to close the thread because the older thread has a lot of old posts from members who aren't even around anymore.

    It would just cause confusion. Hence the closing. However we do merge any similar threads that aren't older than the first post.
  3. madmatt

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    Merging an OLD thread with a NEW thread replaces the first post of the NEW thread. Therefore, as GM said, he closed the thread and I provided a link to the new thread.

    "Future threads will be merged" -- not old threads for the reason above.