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Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by andy_rose, Oct 7, 2002.

  1. andy_rose

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    well, I just reformatted..(again..LOL) and figured I'd give NAv 2003 a go. But I found out that the IM feature is kinda annoying,cuz when it is enabled Norton signs in on the service at startup. And I have windows messenger to NOT load at startup, so when I then start windows messenger I get a message that I got signed off cuz another media have already signed on.

    AM I missing something here, or do I have to have msn load at startup also? :confused:

    Another annoying thing is that eventhough msn is not running, the email alert pops up whenever I recieve a message. And I guess everybody knows how irritating that is when in the middle of a game. So the only solution I found is to disable this feature in Norton AV.
    Any other ideas?...anyone...?
  2. bhxtyrant

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    hmm i havent had any of the problems you had although i had a worse problem.i got NAV2003 and before i had 2002 which worked fine after installing 2003 all hell broke lose and it kept saying e-mail scanning and other things had error next to them after uninstalling reinstalling 5 times i decided to reinstall 2002 and then i had the same problem with 2002.then after hours of reformating reinstalling still the same problem i took the software back to the store and exchanged it for NAV pro 2003 luckily i installed it and its been working ever since
  3. allan

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    andy - just disable the Messenger Scanning option in NAV.
  4. andy_rose

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    Yes, that is what I have done...but the IM feature was the major reason for me to run 2003. Oh well, u can't have it all I