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Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by rettahc, Dec 1, 2002.

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    Okay this morning I tunr on my computer and check my E-mail and see this E-mail:

    Dear Fast CD Ripper user!

    We have been notified that you recently purchased Fast CD Ripper. We highly appreciate you for using our software.

    To register Fast CD Ripper, please follow these steps:

    1. Download and install latest version of Fast CD Ripper.

    2. Run the attached file (double-click on it's icon).

    3. For security reasons, your E-mail client will possibly ask if you
    really want to open the attached file, answer "Yes".

    4. Your system will ask you if you want to add the information from
    the file into registry, click the "Yes" button once more.

    5. Restart Fast CD Ripper.

    As a registered user you could now get the full technical support and free lifetime upgrades.

    Attatched to the email is a registry key that looks like a serial numer. Now not only have I not purchased this program, I've never even heard of it.
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    maybe it's reg but don't you think that you might lose your OS?
    to make sure that the sender is from that site the address must be like this: otherwise I think it's a hacking rig that will destroy your machine
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    Okay this is getting wierder and wierder, I decied to install the software and run the registry key since I'm formating my C: drive on tuesdays (getting my $40 copy of XP Pro), and then key worked and it now says registered to rettahc, but I swear I've never been to that site befoe!! how the hell did they get my user name?
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    Oh cool, I forgot about that contest. Thanks Octopus this was going to drive me crazy all day
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    I bet it was :)
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