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Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by cocochan, Jul 22, 2002.

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    Hi folks,

    I am a computer owner with P4B533-E. I love this board very much. Anyhow, I have created a RAID 0 Array with two 60GB Maxtor ATA133 Hard Drive.

    When I install Windows XP Pro without the SP1, I use the working XP Corp CD key (not the Devil's own one). After finish with the install I reboot my PC, then go into Windows Updates & click on the "Scan For Updates", nothing happen. Winodws XP did not ask me to download Microosft VM this time. So I simply install Microsoft VM manually and reboot my PC. After the reboot, I still cannot use my Windows Updates. I even use the Windows Update Catalog and use the "Find updates for Microsoft Windows operating systems" manually. All I can see is there are Critical Updates and Service Packs (26) and Recommended Updates (27), but once I click on either one of the links and begin to add the choosen items, The "Download Now' button had been gray out somehow. I am now getting nowhere.

    Please kinldy let me know what should I do to fix my porblems.

    Your input is highly appreciated in advance.

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    the option of automatic updates could of be disabled .
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    Problems finally resolve by getting a copy of legit copy.
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    So it was the devil's own but not that devil's own. :eek: