there is no such thing as a successful sacrifice in chess

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    just an observation, it's been said before but I have nothing to do this morning so here I am

    I just "sacrificed" two rooks and a bishop to bring mate with a pawn

    mate with a pawn is especially satisfying I might add but that's another discussion

    so back on topic, was my decision to trade two rooks and a bishop for mate a sacrifice?

    no, it was a trade for mate

    if I trade a rook for a rook this is considered an equal trade not a sacrifice since I received equal value there was no sacrifice

    now let's suppose I trade a bishop for two pawns (a common "sacrifice")

    this "sacrifice" if done correctly is not a sacrifice at all it is a fair trade or a positive trade for either position of a weakened king

    position or weakened king can give back much more then the one point deficit

    therefore if you are getting equal or more value for your "sacrifice" then it is not a sac it is a trade

    if the sacrifice is flawed and you cannot regain the material later in the game then you do have a sacrifice but it is a failed sacrifice

    there is no such thing as a successfull sacrifice in chess

    just rambling, enjoy the day everyone